Campus Student Support Services

In addition to the course information outlined in course syllabi, faculty understand the stresses inherent in the rigorous academic and extracurricular undertakings of a UC Berkeley student. Below is a partial directory outlining campus services that may prove useful throughout our time as students, ranging from direct academic assistance to student health and wellness resources. In collaboration with the UC Berkeley Division of the Academic Senate, this guide has been provided by the ASUC Office of the Academic Affairs Vice President (AAVP) and the Graduate Assembly Office of the Campus Affairs Vice President (CAVP) with the purpose of providing the campus community with a set of resources that facilitate a positive student experience. With an increased emphasis on the holistic wellbeing of students both inside and outside of the classroom, this directory aims to assist students in achieving success in their various roles on this campus. The AAVP office and Graduate Assembly recognize the need to inform the campus of resources critical for the wellness and retention of all students and hopes that this will serve as a benefit for all throughout their undergraduate experience.

Student Wellness Resources



Contact Information

Tang Center Counseling/ Psych Services

University Health Services (UHS) provides medical, mental health and health promotion services to students and occupational health services to faculty and staff. Consultations and visits (up to 5th session) free.

(510) 642­9494

2222 Bancroft Way


Provide students with disabilities with academic, financial, and other support services.

(510) 642­0518

260 César E. Chávez Student Center


Campus location where students, faculty, staff and alumni connect for resources, services, education and leadership related to gender and sexuality.

(510) 642­4786

202 Cesar Chavez Student Center

Educational Opportunity Program (EOP)

Provides first generation and low­income college students with the guidance and resources necessary to succeed at UC Berkeley;

(510) 642­7224

119 Cesar Chavez Student Center

Multicultural Student Development Offices (MSD)

Promotes academic progress and success by engaging students through multicultural practices that acknowledge and celebrate their individual and collective experiences.

Cesar E. Chavez Student Center MC# 2400

Athletic Study Center

Provides a broad range of programs including advising, tutoring, career planning, internships, research, and professional training for student athletes.

(510) 642­0605

169 Chavez Student Center

Career Center

Providies comprehensive resources, programs, and counseling on career development, internships, employment, and graduate school.

(510) 642­1716

2440 Bancroft Way

SLC Study Groups/Writing Workshops

SLC helps students transition to Cal; navigate the academic terrain; create networks of resources; and achieve academic, personal and professional goals.

(510) 642­7332

César E. Chávez Student Center

Dream Resource Center

Provides guidance and support to undocumented undergraduates at Cal. The USP practices a holistic, multicultural, and solution­focused approach that delivers individualized service for each student.

(510) 642­7224

119 Cesar Chavez Center

TRSP Center

The Transfer, Re­Entry, and Student Parent program provides guidance and support to transfer students, re­entry students, student parents, and student veterans at UC Berkeley.

(510) 642­4257

100 César E. Chávez Student Center

*The Graduate Assembly houses multiple Project Coordinators (PCs) that address the needs of graduate students that are underserved by or underrepresented in the current programs and institutions of UC Berkeley. Current PCs focus their outreach and advoacy on issues that affect: Minority Students, Women, Women of Color, Students seeking Wellness/Mental Health Support, Queer and Trans Folk, Student Parents, and the allies of these communities